Corbin Supak


NINE LIVES 'TIL MIDNIGHT - a 3d adventure game for PC

You are Sonny Ray, a detective cat with the special ability to bring 9 of yourself into this noir-gangster adventure.

The setting is the Kitten Club in a city where a new catnip plague has taken root. To win, Sonny will have to ‘play the room’ with his nine lives as he tracks down an old flame and fights to get his city back.

Role: CREATIVE DIRECTOR (team of 15)
*Original concept, core mechanic, and pitch.
*Created story, characters, 50+ pages of dialogue.
*Produced cinematics, voice recording, UI and gameflow markups, and the game's video trailer.
*Provided marketing language and graphic design, and licensed and directed the music.

Tools Used: proprietary trigger/dialogue/camera scripting tool, Gamebryo Toolbench level editor, WWise audio, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Soundbooth, Illustrator, Office, Perforce

I produced our official TRAILER! (29MB, 1:20)
and our INTRO-CINEMATIC (22MB, 1:56).
See more about my cinematic and writing work on this project.

I twice-successfully pitched this game to FIEA students and faculty, and to industry execs (EA, N-Space, Irrational Games) beating 25 others to get to production. See the concept trailer and gameplay video I created for the pitch. You can watch the whole 7-minute pitch here. The game was subject to a later cut round by more industry execs and was again green-lit. The 7-month development cycle began in January 2010 and ended in August. The game was featured at Siggraph-LA in July.


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