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3d Adventure game

Nine Lives 'Til Midnight

Intro Cinematic

This piece begins the game, seamlessly taking the player into action from the cinematic introduction to the world and the main character.

There were many challenges creating this work, especially involving the motion comic drawings. Our team is using Scaleform for graphic elements, which requires the use of swf movie files. Any type of elegant transition involving movement or fading slows the progression down to a crawl in-game, so a lot of tweaking of the design and pruning of the artwork was needed to get the feel close to what we wanted.

Produced, Written and Directed by Corbin Supak.
Scripted by Aidan Karabaich and Corbin Supak.
Drawings by Gabriel Vasco.
Voiced by Joe Glass.
Music by Eric Dolphy and Allan Vache.

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