Corbin Supak


INKMAN - a 2d platformer for PC (XNA)

Inkman's creator has writer's block, and fears selling out his masterpiece. So what's a budding comics superstar to do but take matters into his own hands?

This 2D platformer innovates with the Character maneuvering on their own, and the Player having to create and destroy the platforms needed to survive and win. Use your pen and ink skills to steer Inkman toward the goal, erasing enemy Inkblots and collecting their ink, and avoiding what arch-nemesis, The Mass, has in store for you.

Watch the GAMEPLAY VIDEO (5:34, 82MB) or
CLICK HERE to download (131MB).
Awarded "Best Overall Prototype" at FIEA and presented in person to executives and developers at EA-Tiburon.

My contributions included:

PC game (2009) - XNA framework
Designers: Corbin Supak, Bryan Roth
Coder: Logan Kincaid
Artists: Gabriel Vasco, Giancarlo Montalbano


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