Corbin Supak


An overview of my cinematics work in games

3d Adventure game

Nine Lives 'Til Midnight

A noir-gangster adventure game set in a cat world.
You are Sonny Ray, a detective cat with the special ability to bring 9 of yourself into a situation.

Game TRAILER (29MB, 1:20) - I wrote, edited and directed this piece, and shared scripting duties with two teammates. Click here for a pdf of storyboard and script for this effort.

Game INTRO-CINEMATIC (22MB, 1:56) - I wrote, directed and sound designed this piece, and shared scripting duties with one teammate.

Browse the images to the right to see the custom tools we designed and used on this game. Our programming team built custom tools for designing triggered events, character actions and camera behavior. I designed what functionality the camera tool should have - including the ability to sequence multiple shots, have movement 'ease-in/out,' transition options, and the ability to focus on any object in the game, including moving characters.

Other video and cinematic game work:


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