Corbin Supak


BLOWFISH - a 2d arcade game for 2 players

A predator has come from the deep to feast on a rival's young! Be the attacker or defender in this two-person, swirling arcade gem and blow your opponent out of the water!

This fast-paced, two-player, competitive game has an interesting, asymmetrical balance to the design, and features aquatic-style movement to the characters and a really cute art-style.

CLICK HERE to play online!
Awarded "Most Fun Prototype" at FIEA and presented in person to executives and developers at EA-Tiburon.

My contributions included:

PC Game (2009) - Flash, Actionscript 3
Designers: Corbin Supak, Nick Pham
Coders: Jose Lopez-Zurita, Bruce Hayles
Artist: Brian Maricle


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