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alt. pop-punk band

The Vulturines

"idiosyncratic and unpretentious ... a weird and wonderful band"
- west coast performer magazine
"Their sort of stylistic musical stew is ambitiuous and attractive... absolutely stunning and exciting"
–erasing clouds

The Vulturines are the second project from songwriters Jennifer Saez and Corbin Supak who have played music together since 1998 in Austin, Texas (as Vidi Vitties). The group began as a trio with drummer Theo Spanos, another ex-Austinite, and quickly added Sam Liberto on bass.

The group played often in Portland, Oregon from 2004-2008, often sharing bills with Anne Adams, Advisory, Swallows, and many Greyday Records bands. The "Greydawn" label distributed their only album (cd) "Fowl Language" through NAIL distribution, receiving wide west coast airplay.

The album features Sam and Theo, but later members included drummer Aaron Hayman, bassist Jon Brandt, and keyboardist Amy Bowman. Demo recordings exist of this later work.

Reviews by Music Publications

Dream Magazine (#7)
"A nicely unpredictable schizophrenic indie-pop band from Portland Oregon with a female singer, and a sound that recalls a young Raincoats. Once in awhile she sings in Spanish, and this is a good idea. They have an admirably adventurous aspect that allows them to veer from Ukrainian folk strains, to abrupt art rock without ruffling their feathers a bit."
-George Parsons
"...I've recently become an avid bed jumper - and this is good bed jumping music. This is what you could put on for a class of five year olds who want to bounce around on those days when it's too cold to go outside on the playground..."

Portland Mercury
"And then I heard their tunes and it's more like Deerhoof with English/Spanish vocals. The singer coos and croons way too fast for the music while the band is all "let's be prog! Now let's be flamenco! Now let's be pop! Prog again! Pop again!" And I'm all '"SWEET!" And both of us are all, "Let's be friends!"
-Grant Morris

"The voice of Jennifer Saez, the main singer for Vulturines, has an everyday quality to it that I find irresistible. It's soft and shy, and often seems like she's getting used to singing as she does it. And then the whole affair ends with another turn entirely, with guitarist/keyboardist Corbin Supak taking over vocals for a dance-party of a pop-rock song that's unbelievably catchy, and a ghost story to boot...There's a world of music inside them. Their sort of stylistic musical stew is ambitiuous and attractive; combine it with the more sensitive-pop aspects of their music, and the result is absolutely stunning and exciting"
– Dave Heaton

The Oregonian
"Vulturines is that rare group that can be relatively cheerful without coming off like cloying, plastic optimists. They're probably the only act in town that can swing from sounding like a klezmer group, to a rural Spanish folk combo, to the hottest art-rock act you've never heard of. Often all in a single jangly song."
-Richard Shirk



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from the album "Fowl Language" by The Vulturines.
recorded and mixed by Corbin Supak

Jennifer Saez - guitar, vocal
Corbin Supak - guitar, keys, vocal
Sam Liberto - bass, trombone, rockenspiel
Theo Spanos - drums, percussion

Listen to:
March of the Grasshoppers
Eyes of Coal
In the Weeds
Elise Marie

below, image from early demo CD, by cartoonist Carolyn Main vulturines demo disc


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