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Vidi Vitties

".. an exciting new band with a great sound that displays earnest affection for both past and present-day pop" - Splendid
"This 4-piece from Austin continue to hold high that city's reputation for uncompromising and indefinable rock" - Tailspins

Vidi Vitties were an Austin, Texas band near the turn of the century. Their unique approach to pop music ranged from somber, dissonant tales to energetic, sing-song anthems.

Their only full-length album is available on disc at CD Baby , and digitally at the iTunes store , and at eMusic . Two earlier 7" records were pressed on Peek-A-Boo Records, now out-of-print.

The various members continued to be active in music. Songwriters Corbin Supak and Jennifer Saez went on to form The Vulturines a few years later in Portland, Oregon. Bassist Ryan Weston formed Roar! Lion, followed by Kino Eye, both in Austin, before moving to New York City. Drummer Marc Dickey joined Black Before Red, in Austin.

Reviews by Music Publications

Splendid E-Zine
"... a highly individualistic band willing to be funny, psychedelic and political, as evidenced through the lovely education-system-sucks-song, "Soap And Water".
For me, the humorous songs are most wonderful, especially "Hello Mosquito" ("Another mosquito's life is gone/Such is the scale of things/No one went to jail for it"). While some bands settle for raising just a smile, Vidi Vitties take this and most of the songs through Grateful Dead territory, and, if you're a bit like me, the lazy swirls of the guitars will have you pondering these silly rants far more than you'll want to admit. exciting new band with a great sound that displays earnest affection for both past and present-day pop. "
-Theodore Defosse

"If I hadn't put this on the turntable myself, I might have thought that this was a long-lost Pixies b-side (Surfer Rosa era), but both "Sophie's Choice" and "Last Week's Recording" are traditionally poppier (especially "Last Week's Recording") than what the Pixies ever did.   I don't know, there's just something Pixies-like to 'em.   I haven't been listening to anything but this and a few mix tapes I made a long time ago.   Nothing has been thrilling me lately, so hopefully the Vidi Vitties will put some more stuff out. "
- Shane

"This 4-piece from Austin continue to hold high that city's reputation for uncompromising and indefinable rock with their second 7". They make higher concept guitar (or as they say "guit/art") rock that sounds jingle/jangle in some places and psychedelic in others. "Shuck and Jive" has a slight tex-mex instrumental feel to it and just when you think it's going to end, a lone guitar creeps back in accompanied by the most honest male singing voice I've heard in awhile. "Hello Mosquito" is a strange requiem for a dead insect, melancholy (love that slide guitar) and extremely psychedelic with some layered female vocals. Four songs total, this record was the bright spot on an otherwise bleak record reviewing day. "
- Dave Bellard

Go Metric
More indie pop magic from Peek-a-Boo. I am assuming that the A-side is not based on the Meryl Streep flick of the same name. I am not a big fan of Ms. Streep's work and will simply accept the song as the fine pice of work that it is. The flipside is also a winner... reminiscent of The Spinanes, Shrimpboat, or Unrest (with some surf mixed in too).

86 Pounds of Punk
The Vidi Vitties performed their playful reverbed-out songs for us as we danced and shouted in clumsy euphoria.

Splendid E-Zine
Craving guitars in small doses? You'll thrill to Vidi Vitties, whose minimal guitar sound is infinitely variable... quirky rock with deceptively simple melodies.

Acid Attack
4 piece unit from Austin Texas have their own unique brand of "collage, or is it art, or is it psych rock", a mixture of everything and anything, you get a mix of male and female vocals, U2-like guitar one minute, Zappa-style breaks the next, with a more indie style pop base on other tracks. Tracks of note are "Foley's", one of the more (non)mainstream tracks that may (or may not) get some play. "Soap and Water", a sort of post revolution pop national anthem, "Sophie's Choice", a barn dance favorite, and "Macromedia, Pharmaco and You". Vidi Vitties have an abilty to make avant-garde-pop for the masses, okay for those who are open enough to give them a go!

Ink Nineteen
Art rock with some early New Wave influences (Talking Heads and Television, for example) with no distortion and guitars going from indie-scratch to sometimes quite pretty.
-Brian Kruger


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album ~ "Vidi Vitties" ~ released in the year 2000

sample tracks:
producers and stars
island bed
hello mosquito

second 7" single ~ "Evening" ~ released in 1999

sample tracks:
shuck and jive

first 7" single ~ "La Familia Vidi Vitties" ~ released in 1998

sample tracks:
sophie's choice
last week's recording

bryan nelson (our recording engineer) at sweatbox studios, austin, tx.

l to r: jennifer saez, ryan weston, bryan nelson, corbin supak, mark dickey
at flamingo cantina boy's bathroom, austin, tx.
photo by Amy Bowman


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