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Solo Music Work


Much of my musical output has been all by my lonesome, especially in my years in New York City (1998-2002) and in Portland, when not creating songs for The Vulturines.

I rarely perform solo, but did once as "Stunning Steven" back in Austin (Bates Motel) playing a 12 trk mixing board (connected to 12 taped source inputs I had created) plus a casio. I also performed once in Brooklyn (Pete's Candy Store) with the electric guitar plugged directly into a PA, but that's the extent of things, publicly.

Of course, now that Jennifer has taken up accordion, anything is possible.


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nyc subway, halloween 2002

available to listen:

In China
Concerned Crew
November 2007
October 2007 #3
the New Diaspora
Troll Parade
Cascade Vines
Cascade Veins
Video Slave
I Prefer Illiteracy
War in Outer Space
Suspended March


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