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Siberia and the American Dream

Tracy Westmoreland is a New York bar owner. But his bar "Siberia" is not just any New York bar, nor is Tracy Westmoreland like any other bar owner on this planet.

This editing opportunity was presented to me by a longtime client who had shot the video with Mr. Westmoreland over the previous year. I was given the 15 or so hours of footage and asked to make it the best it could be, and spent that summer finessing the work quite freely. The client loved the result and we have since shown the film at a few festivals and, of course, in a grand event at Siberia bar itself.


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"You come in, he gives you a bear-hug, you feel right at home."

With two friends and a toilet Mr. Westmoreland flew to Japan to save his bar from being shut down. He asked a Franciscan priest to bless his underground drinking establishment against forces of evil and corporate greed. He chained himself and his three young children to the bar entrance to protest eviction.

Siberia against-
corporate conglomerates
heartless real estate companies
faceless international corporations

"What they are doing is wrong." - Tracy Westmoreland


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