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Polyp and Corbin Take Over

Polyp and Corbin Take Over depicts the struggle of a young man and woman to make it in a world centered on the act of audience capture.

They abandon the poor city, where the only work left to do is entrepreneurial, lo-fi, hand to mouth, semi-desperate mediamaking
They embrace the alternative, the private “community preserves” where your entire world is a subscription, and everyone’s expected to get along.

They are fish out of water in both situations but in spite of themselves, they play the audience capture game as well as anyone.

Reviews at Film Festivals

F***ing Fabulous Film Festival, Seattle
"We received excellent reviews of Polyp and Corbin Take Over...people really liked it."
- Joel, festival director

Dallas Video Festival
"Some of our audience thought it was the best thing at the festival."
- Bart Weiss, festival director

Film Conditioner, NYC
"I thought it had a solid clarity of vision, and plus it was funny."
- Paul Ahern

Screening History

Summer 1999
S. 4th St., Williamsburg, NYC
I showed a rough cut at my apartment for the first time. Teressa, Bryan, and Jennifer were there, and a couple of other friends. They were amazed that it actually looked like a movie and even though they all worked on the film, it entertained them. Very satisfying, but still lots of work to do.

Fall 1999:
Knitting Factory, NYC
Part of a group show of artists working at Harvestworks Digital Arts Center.

June 28, 2000
Brookline Access TV Studios, Boston
Sound was bad, but there were about 30 strangers who seemed to like it. I enjoyed speaking afterwards.

July 12, 2000
Film Conditioner, Siberia Bar, NYC
Local joint that I later edited a documentary about. First time I met these guys.

October 2000
Austin Film Festival, Ritz Theatre
The 'premiere' for much of the cast and crew. It was the first screening of the movie in its final form.

March 2001
14th Annual Dallas Video Festival
Very good response here, and the best screening conditions so far. One guy yelped at the end. It was a good yelp.

June 2002
F***ing Fabulous Film Festival, Seattle
I couldn't attend this one, but the organizers said it was well received. They showed all 3 films I currently had available, which floored me.


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Fiction Feature, 60 minutes (2000)
Shot on location in Austin, Tx using 16mm film and digital media.
Directed, Produced, Edited by Corbin Supak
Written by Corbin Supak and Jennifer Saez
Camera by Daniel Mimura and Ryan Weston
Music by Corbin Supak
Graphic Design by Natasha Jen

Teressa Brake as Polyp
Corbin Supak as Corbin
Bryan Christian as Mr. Bobo


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