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an interactive performance

Basic Bloat

A performed video and theatre experience using gesture-controlled graphics and video manipulation with live actors.

Basic Bloat was created for "30 Days Notice" at the invite of David Bryant in Portland. This series features rapidly produced pieces of an intermedia nature. I had long wanted to try a performed video experience using a gestural, theatrical manner, and this was a perfect setting.

I met Crispin Rosencranz and Pippa Possible, who were ideal performers to bring this sort of absurdist piece to life. Their friend, the late Elena Steuber, also generously joined our party.

I created this piece by acquiring text from spam email and website misdirections, and then doing cut-n-paste exercises on the text. I then shaped the text into a "pitch" by three voices, ostensibly inviting the listener to create the media of tomorrow with zero skill needed.

I gathered found and original video and imagery, added a live video signal, and used Steim's (NL) iMagine software for the live manipulation of those elements. I used a midi keyboard as one gestural interface, and a mixing board to manipulate audio.

My manipulative gestures were also designed to be as if in character - a religious blacksmith sort - but my interfaces never evolved to be as theatrical as I would've liked. Still, I think I achieved some aspect of what I was after - a character, rather than a VJ.



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Multimedia Performance, 10 minutes (2003)
Thanks to video artist Karl Lind, who taped the two performances for me. The inset images you will see are images that were being performed on the stage's screen at that approximate time.


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